A Year to Inspire

I'm back and ready to take on 2019... In February. Although I'm almost two months late to this, I figured there's no better time than right now to reintroduce myself for the sixth hundredth time. Lol.



My summer staycation was a moment for self-appreciation, reflection, learning, growing and seeking inspiration beyond the common ground. There were so many times I found myself uninspired whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed, Pinterest was lacking in terms of aesthetic content and repetition streamed through my other platforms.

My blog became a space I didn't want to be involved in anymore (for particular reasons which I will get into this in a later post). Writing, photographing and designing seemed like admin. I needed more, I needed to be inspired again!

I was lucky enough to share these thoughts with my gran who spent her summer holiday with us. We did many amazing things and I was able to teach her a thing or two, which made me feel like I can inspire people, which is a big deal for me as she is someone who intrigues people, captures them with her wit, mindful manner and general outlook on life. We bonded over tea, early morning meditation, pilates for the elderly and a Tibetan singing bowl.

These staycation routine moments got me thinking about what greatness could I possibly achieve in 2019. Is this my year to say YES to the unknown? Let's just say it's already started out that way, I've already dived into reading books with more than 300 pages and nodding without the thought of failure. I remembered the reason as to why I created this space, it was to inspire, learn and grow... If I can do even one of those things, then I can't be doing much wrong.


trend you would you like to see me style

Let's get on to something more light-hearted, can we talk about the new obsession with animal print and current trends? I've never been one to wear the print but this skirt is doing things for me. Already I'm thinking of all the ways to style during the transition of seasons, cowboy boots are creeping in, mock croc is owning street style and houndstooth is that one print that is making a cool comeback.

Which trend would you like to see styled? Leave your answers in the comments below and shop my current favourite trends.