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SUMMER holiday style guide

As summer approaches we tend to day dream a little more about what Mondays would be like at the beach, how the sun would coat you in a golden tan and sipping on that fresh citrus cocktail. Well, sorry to break it to you, but my daydreaming days are over and my summer holiday is approaching fast! It’s time to get my ass into gear and round up all the “essentials” for a summer holiday abroad. I am going to share what I may currently have in my bag and what I’m hoping to find along the way during my journey with you! I intend to add some unique pieces to my current summer capsule and create the best start to the rest of my summer wardrobe!

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Beach Chic

Let’s start with summer arm candy! I’ve realised recently that the smaller the bag the better, carrying less equals less stress and allows you to find what you need when you need it. Whether it’s hand woven with straw, a little fruit/grocery net bag or your classic clear shopper. Pairing these items aren’t as difficult as you think, you don’t need to be a complete bohemian dream or a minimalist to wear any of these items. Just put on a pair of jeans, your favourite shirt and you’re good to go!

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This by far is one of my favourite summer essentials for the past two seasons. Styling a silk scarf is as easy as it looks, wrap it around your neck, wrist or ankle. Wrap the delicate fabric around your head, tie her around your hun bun or create a simple bow at the end of your lazy girl braid… as seen in my Making time for the things that matter post. Shop in the gallery below, go on add her to your summer wardrobe!

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Bold In Gold

Yup, I’m saying it again… this has to be my favourite metal by far! Dipped in gold, yellow gold, solid gold. Currently a trending jewellery colour and will be for a very long time, there’s something about the metal in the summer time… the contrast between the rich gold and bronzed skin has to be the cherry on top of any kind of outfit. I’ve found myself gravitating towards the chunky pieces when it comes to fancy dress, but classic and minimal have always been my every day wear. Here are a couple of pieces to add to your jewellery box this summer…

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Naturally Relaxed

I have truly fallen in-love with the rexaled linen look, the earthy tones have surfaced above all other colour palettes. But as we both know you pay an arm and a leg for anything authentically linen. So I’ve settled for the relaxed cotton dupe. Just as airy and way more affordable… one of the items are already in my basket, can you guess which one it could be?

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It may be daunting adding trendy pieces to wardrobe, if you’ve been trying to change up your style then start with the smaller items such as you accessories and move up from there. Once you have the hang of it, you will realise it wasn’t as scary as it seems. Let me know what your seasonal essentials are this summer in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!