Making time for the things that matter..

Boy, oh boy! The last two months have been filled with friends, birthdays, holiday planning, working and and eating my feelings!

I found myself loosing track of the importance of my passion, as I enjoyed the most social part of my year… besides Christmas of course. Putting all my efforts into picking gifts for important people in my life and trying my best to remember what I had to do and when I had to do it. Don’t get me wrong I throughly enjoyed myself and there was nothing better than making new friends and catching up with old friends, but something was missing. It had nothing to do with the people around me but rather with putting off the thing most important to me, for the “Im so busy this weekend” card.



“doing things for myself”

I admit to breaking down a few times, having a few tantrums here and there, oh and did I mention a rash that took over my whole body!! (sigh). Luckily I have a boyfriend who is good at telling me when I’m being ridiculous, who keeps me grounded and lets me know when I need to start doing things for myself! And stop blaming others around me for my lack of efforts and motivation.


“The realisation of self motivation”

I miss the creative outlet, that I slowly started building here, generating content that I even I loved looking at. This brought me to the realisation of self motivation, it’s possibly the most important part of getting through the toughest and busiest times. Should you think of throwing in the towel or leaving it for later, don’t! Pick up where you left off and keep going. That’s one thing I regret, there’s no use in cursing with the famous lines of “I should’ve…” or “I could’ve…” instead do it and use the line “I did..” because that means you put in the effort and theres nothing more rewarding than that.

Remember life happens, don’t knock yourself down for not doing it sooner but rather for not doing at all. So here’s to more content and less procrastination as it does get the best of us!

I would love to know your self motivation tips, share them with me in the comments below!