N.F.G with Jaq Mollentze

This is a new series created by two people who needed an outlet to share raw truth and life experiences....

Welcome to the society of not giving a fuck. We start off with a long time friend and fine artist, designer and traveller Jaques Mollenzte.

This post is about finding yourself and all the good and bad that come with it. Jaq has written this post from his personal experiences and would like to share them with you!

All imagery and content supplied and or created by Jaq, unless stated otherwise. Let me know about some of your life experiences in the comments below. Enjoy!

 Artwork created by The Creative Hoarder

 Artwork created by The Creative Hoarder

Reality is that we have been asleep for generations.And only now, as we look at the cluttered and crumbling world that we have created for ourselves can we actually see, make sense and unclutter what it means to be.  

But is all of this to late? Is there still time to be a human being again? Finding myself in and among all of this clutter, what is my purpose, what is my identity, what do others identify me as, is the amount of double taps I get on my Instagram enough to keep up with what society expects of me? 27 October 2017, the second day of me trying, in a sense running, to get away from all of this clutter to find myself in a more cluttered and close-minded place in Vietnam.

And only now almost a year later am I actually asking myself the right question.

What does humanity mean to me and what is my reality in being my best version of a human being. The honest answer is: I don’t give a fuck!


I am finding myself as I said leaving South Africa. Finding that there was nothing to be found. It was inside of me all this time. Not giving a fuck and accepting that I will never be perfect. Yet … This is why I find myself in unknown spaces in various places of this world. Because I find comfort in fully being able to be myself. Because its only here in the unknown that I can look into the unfamiliar faces in front of me and see.

See a light reflecting off their eyes. They don’t see me the same, they don’t see me as I see myself in the mirror. They don’t see the slut shaming, are you a top or a bottom, typecast and unaccepting gay society that I came from. They only see me as the person in front of them.

We might not speak the same language, but we speak one thing the same. I am myself and you are yourself. I have no title to me and I have no place to put a title upon you. At the end of the day, I am and you are not a type to be shelved onto a market shelve in the IKEA of humanity we find ourselves. I am my own reflection, reflecting back onto the world. And what I want to reflect is my purpose.

And for me to do this is to uplift, feel and understand the person deep within me, the actual me.


I am non-binary, Never perfect yet!


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