Inspired by Kgabo Mametja aka Saint Rose


Back with another "Inspired by" guest, today we get to know illustrator, friend, graphic designer and all round amazing person, Kgabo Mametja who goes by Saint Rose. Kgabo has been an inspiration from day one at Vega, she has truly nailed the ability to create mesmerising stories through her illustrations and creative outlook on everyday life, scroll down and get inspired by her Q&A. 

"Hey there. I am Saint Rose. I’m an illustrator, designer, daughter, lover, and all round creative."

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"I remember using drawing to waste time and get lost"

Saint Rose: It’s truly the only thing that centers me, when I was a kid I used to struggle with belonging and I remember using drawing to waste time and get lost. It is and has always been my meditation.

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"..they come from me staying true to me"

St.R:My best work comes from me listening to myself. They come from me laughing at myself, observing myself and taking care of myself. Essentially, they come from me staying true to me and hoping that others can relate.

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"there is still so much to grow out of."

St.R:I have honestly grown so much, and I have so much more growing to do. I used to take things so personally when I first started out. I used to worry about the world around me and just a year ago, I was super impatient with myself. I’m happy that I’ve grown out of that, but there is still so much to grow out of.

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"create freely without concern of being irrelevant"

St.R:I just really hope that by the time we’re done, there’s more space. I think that talent exists in so many different areas and in different kinds of people but right now I feel like everyone is fighting for their seat at the table which breeds a preditory mindset. I think that I’d like to see a South Africa with creatives that create freely without concern of being irrelevant.

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St.R:Easy… Colour, Podcasts, a vice (because anxiety keeps me on my toes),warmth and books.

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"let loose now and then"

St.R:Be kind to yourself, be free and let loose now and then.

Here's a little playlist for those creatives that work passionately and need a little funk in their lives, put together by the beautiful Saint Rose... 


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