A Winter Wander Walk

Sitting here writing this post makes me think about how hard posting on a blog really is. Let me put this into perspective for you... I'm at work, freezing my ovaries off, thinking about how this winter has been a struggle, and how finding outfits for every day wear has become extremely difficult. Because you have to get out the shower and find clothes in a couple of minutes before the frost bite kicks in, you immediately go for the "over sized pull overs" or heavy coats with thick socks and icy hands. But I'm just tired of my toes being constantly cold and feeling like the Michelin man half of the time (thats the fat tyre guy in case you were wondering).

So, how does one feel good when wearing boyish clothing? Easy...


Firstly, I've come to realise that complaining about the weather and my clothing choices will get me nowhere. Secondly, I also learnt to keep the layers underneath more "form fitting" and the top layers a bit more of a baggy fit. This helps when any slight movement of your coat or jacket (or just general baggy item) causes a glimpse into your more appealing form of whats underneath... lol! 

Personally I stick to the darker and more neutral tones, but there is always time for a statement colour piece in the mix, although always keeping my look classic and timeless. Because of my style preference, I tend to find my clothing inspiration from the 'older aged' bloggers who aren't into this new 'HYPEBEAST' trend that Pinterest has been filling up with now-a-days. Don't get me wrong I think its freaking cool but its not something I can relate to or pull off. I am a sucker for retro, but not like your moms old pj's retro (not saying that your mom's style is old pj's, but you know what I mean).

To conclude this icy post... I need more style inspiration, I'm over winter, busy freezing my ovaries for the future, and really looking forward to spring/summer. Oh and did I mention that I need more style inspiration? So if anyone knows of any good blogs, people or just anything really, leave a comment below!