25 Things I've Learnt At 25

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As I approach my 25th birthday I thought that it would be best to reflect on all the good and the bad that I have learned along the way. Being 25 doesn't feel any different but a lot changes around you for sure. At times it can be rewarding but also very scary at the same time. I constantly find myself questioning the future or what it holds, whether I can make something of myself and why do things take so damn long to get started or to achieve, yet we do not realise how much you have grown also learning to accept that what mattered 3 years ago no longer applies to your life now. For example, three years ago I thought I would be "on my feet" and conquering my day job with a cute french bulldog in the background I might add. Sadly that reality has not been met just yet. Like I always say, I can barely afford bread and milk right now, so a french bulldog is completely out of the question, even though I would defs blow every penny on a cute little pup. Like Matthew McConaughey says, "your idol or who you look up to, should be you in five years time"... So here's everything I've learned so far and still currently learning;


Not everything goes to plan.


My body will change, it never looks the same. The sooner I accept it the happier I will be.


The more you spend time with people who get it, the more you grow and feel inspired to grow.


Life is not only about you, your selfish ways will get you nowhere.


I've learnt to appreciate the small things in life.


My palette changed for the better, who would have thought whisky would be my go-to drink at 25.


Now is always the time to SAVE!!! If you started early then good on you!


Good things take time.


The hair on my legs and under my armpits grow thicker by the day... frustrating.


My mom's food has never tasted so good! Luke: "Do you want to go out for Sunday lunch or something?" Derryn: "Naaaaaah my mom made roast and curry" Luke: "Ahhhhh curry!"


I realised how expensive life actually is, but theres no rule book as to how your life needs to be lived.


You can't wear your favourite pair of pants from when you were 18 anymore, the doughnuts were too good!


Something I have to admit, I become more like my mother each day.


Money does not make the world go round, it's the sun's gravitational pull... duuh!


Partying longer than an hour becomes lame.


Going to bed at 22:00pm is the bomb.com.


Real friends stick around and support your dreams, the rest phase out.


Animals dying is a real tear jerker.


Even though #18 exists, I'm still struggling with the vegan thing.


Happiness can't be bought and passion can't be taught.


I will always be my dad's little girl, even at 25.


I set more of an example for others than I ever thought I would.


Doing the right thing is always the best thing and a white lie is not the right thing.


Don't take everything anyone says so seriously, laugh a little, even at yourself.


There will ALWAYS be someone there for you even when you feel like you're the only one who understands, never be afraid to reach out.