Inspired by Michael Colborne

Welcome to the "Inspired by" series, where we share each others interest and what has inspired us to do what we love. In this post we get to know the young artist, graphic designer and music fanatic, Michael Colborne. Someone with an abundance of talent that has captivated me with his artwork and mind, scroll down and get inspired by his Q&A. 


My name is Michael Colborne, I’m 18 years of age and currently studying at Vega for my degree in Graphic Design. I hope to become a Creative Director and own an art gallery one day. My hobbies consist of is music, art, design, photography and film.  Still young and still learning, I dream for something bigger as a creative.


 "indescribable feeling"

I have an indescribable feeling towards creating art through emotion and personal experience, it is the greatest form of outlet and allows me to turn nothing into something. Take a bad day and turn it into a medium you can express and showcase to the world.  It’s all about what I love and I do what I love.

Artwork by Michael Colborne

Artwork by Michael Colborne


"organised and simple"

I like a clean desk, organised and simple,  so that there is no distractions and clutter... but somehow it always ends up a mess. I tend to overwork throughout the day till early hours of the morning, losing out on sleep. If I am interested in what I am doing, I will commit 100% without doubting myself,  I consider myself  a perfectionist when it comes down to the execution of it all.

Artwork by Michael Colborne

Artwork by Michael Colborne


"beauty perceived through the artist"

In school they teach you the meaning of art needing shape, form as well as a balance of negative space with the positive space. In my opinion that’s all bullshit! Art isn’t fixed, especially if you are the artist. Sure you can use all these principles and theories to improve your art but, if you don’t like applying them and they're not for someone other then yourself then why are you doing it? Art is beauty perceived through the artist, whether the viewer agrees with you or not, is up to the artist them. We can’t force people to like the artwork we create but we can provoke it.

Artwork by Michael Colborne

Artwork by Michael Colborne


"not just paint, music or formless nonsense"

I see art as not just paint, music or formless nonsense but for what it really is, as it always evokes emotion. People may look at art as something pretty to look at, or a mixture of a mess in mediums, but its all personal opinion and always something we can relate to. Art contributes inspiration to ideas and trends in modern society and will never disappear because it is not something you can shut out or ignore. There’s always place for art in this world no matter where it is,  just as long as there’s a person who is individually unique. Art is there to showcase that.

Artwork by Michael Colborne

Artwork by Michael Colborne


"as well the same breath"

Great now you have to make me decide on a favourite artwork, that’s like asking me if I hear Yanni or Laurel.

I'd have to give you more then one unfortunately as I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to favourites.

Musical, Frank, The Weeknd, Tyler The creator,  A$AP Rocky in, Tom Misch and King Krule. Something I always gravitate towards in my chill time is  Café music BGM channel.

A range from artists currently: Linoel Smit (Component #3 2017 mixed media), YDK morimoe, Ernesto Artillo (Artworks from the Crawford campaign 2017.

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