Baker Boy Hats & Bum Bags

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I may be late to the party but here I am with my not so Gucci bum bag and my baker boy hat!

Hat's aren't always easy to pull off. The baker boy hat however, is probably one of the easiest to wear. This classic trend hit the street early in 2016 and completely blew up late 2017, now it is seen as the perfect accessory for those cold, lazy hair days.Whether it's leather, twill, wool or more there is no doubt that this piece is the perfect topper for any outfit, excuse the pun.

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Then there's the bum bag/fanny pack, already this has made one of the biggest come backs yet! Now I'm not one for the hype-beast look but more classic bum bag style, making it the accessory of the year, in my opinion. Velvet, leather, round, oval, square anything you can imagine it's happened in a fanny pack and I'm completely on board with this trend. Enough to carry the essentials and complete the perfect accessory to your look.

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Tell me if you're feeling the same way...