3 Ways to Style: Summer Mules


Meet your favourite summer shoes! When mules hit the scene, there was no way we could imagine all the variations of styles and colours, yet here we are with the summer strappy favourite. Now, this is a long shot for me as I tend to stick more to my sneakers but I can truly say it’s hard to go a moment without these babies, as they’re simply a cherry topper to any outfit you throw together. There are so many other ways in which one could style the little heel, I could have given you an entire bible on this, but let’s keep this short and sweet… Here’s how I styled my mules:


Denim & Flowy Fabrics

This particular pair of denim was chosen by my ever so stylish boyfriend, which has slowly become my second skin BTW.

I often pair the relaxed fit with something more feminine, like my mules, a small bag and a silk shirt. The shirt lends its flowy fabric to an effortless style keeping the look classic, whilst giving me room for more movement and less fuss.

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Floral Frock

Current favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment: The Getaway Car Dress. Of which there is nothing more alluring than a girly frok!

According to my wardrobe, my style takes more of a boyish form. Slowly but surely, in an attempt to feel more girly, I throw on a little number like this and it sets the mood for breakfast on a Sunday, strolling through the flower market or sundowners at a quiet bar.

Paired with the mules, the look suits casual chic… as if you put in effort but not as much as people think!

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Basic Black

Relaxed pieces are applicable for those “I have nothing to wear!” days. I have lived in these drop crotch, athleisure trousers for almost 3 years, and they’re still going strong. Dressed with a plain black t-shirt and a trendy leather bag, your outfit immediately takes form to luxury lounge wear.

To lift the luxury lounge wear, pair with a body suit and cute heels, for those last minute night out plans.

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Let me know what you would like to see styled next and if this should become a monthly series on the blog… hope you enjoyed this post!