Fluent In Sight Seeing

Let me start by saying, this blog post is not about the cliche “so today we went here, and today we did this, and we so enjoyed that” but rather about the unforgettable experience, and would like to share this with my readers. I didn’t think we would make it to Greece, it all seemed unreal at first, however as soon as we jumped in the car to head for the airport, everything started to set in real quick (thank goodness I took advice from the many people who had travelled in my social group). I don’t think my nervous would have been able to take the thought of flying across the world to another continent, completely unprepared and still having to cart my copious amounts of luggage around. Let’s just say all that anxiety was needless. My Greece trip was one of the most memorable moments in my life with someone I love, and although Luke swears to never travel again, at least for the next 10 years, I think we will be on the next flight out within the next couple of months…



“Yasis” When Luke sees me wearing a new pair of gym tights…

“Yiasas” When a man on the marble side walk greets you with a smile and in normality your natural South African demeanour is left shocked, but in reality this translates to a simple “Hello”. There is nothing more beautiful than walking through the city hand made fit for the Gods, I mean hell, marble would cost you an arm and a leg back home, but in Athens the gutters are even living their best life! Not only is the city rich in phenomenal history, but think about how spectacular it would be to wake up with that history as part of your heritage, waking up with the confidence that you are a descendant of a GOD. There really is no shortage of culture, nor shopping for that matter, and The Plaka (The social hub of Athens) showed us a thing or two. Arriving with little to no expectations, leaving with the most love for a place we barely got to know.

PA012945 copy.jpg


From the city of Gods, to a paradise beach. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up to a variation of blue domes and white walls, with the beach peaking through at all hours of the day. The smell of delicious street food and Ouzo on tap, in Mykonos you can be a complete pauper yet still live like a king with these sort of enriching surroundings. Our stay in Mykonos consisted of more partying and living life on edge than any sort of sight seeing, Luke got a tattoo and I danced on tables for shots. We paid 15 euros to lay on a sun bed with a free cocktail then left, road a quad bike with zero break fluid and no lights in the middle of the night, yet we still made it alive for tea at 2AM in the hotel lobby, which cost a ridiculous 6 euros each just BTW (Not to mention the tea was for free at breakfast the next day). However the idea of living on a quad bike, exploring daily with no pressure of what our next move was, is something we fell in love with. This made Mykonos our favourite out of the three, Oh and did I fail to mention how much of a badass our tour guide ended up being? Kim if you’re reading this, just know you’re the bomb.com.



A two hour and thirty five minute ferry ride feels more like a five hour vertigo wreck, at first you think “did I just suffer all that time on a ferry for an island full of black sand?” Well, when you hit that port that’s exactly what you believe, until the bus you jump in climbs up a mountain the size of Everest (that’s an over exaggeration) but it’s still big. Suddenly you’re on top of this island and the ferry’s look like mere specs in the distance, blue domes peak through from a far and black sand surrounds the land. A church on every corner and people going about their day like this paradise is too common for a Wednesday evening… but not for us, gasps fill the air as we walk through Fira (the main town) to watch a breath taking sunset along side views you can’t begin to fathom. The gasps didn’t stop there, they were on repeat for three days straight, up until now I’m not sure if it was me trying catch my breath with all the walking or the beauty of Santorini. Luke and I never felt out of place and exploring was something that came naturally, there was little to no fear of being alone or not knowing where we were. The two of us acted as if we had been here before and we would have it no other way. This time we had a quad that was turbo charged… just kidding! It was just way way bigger, but it still wasn’t fast enough to explore the entire island, so next time and there will be a next time, we’ll know no boundaries and explore to our hearts content… for a month.

All three experiences different in each way, however an experience I will always hold close to my heart! We would 100% go back in a heart beat. Spend more than ten days exploring, soaking in culture and just living life, like they say once you travel the wanderlust sets in and that’s all you can ever think about, here’s a clear example: I’ve been at home for the past three weeks, I only unpacked my suitcase properly about a week ago and everyday I tell my boss about how I could go on holiday again… It’s problematic. But I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, leave a comment below on where we should go next and are you coming with?